Can Facebook be blamed?

It’s easy to blame it on social media etc. But truly who is responsible? We as a parent need to take responsibility of our kids to not do what they are doing in the social media. We as a parent need to understand what their actions can lead to. No one will protect our kids better than we will. Because we care about them the most and we should understand them the most. 14 year old kids are so naive they can be excited by very little things that may not seem dangerous.
The other day I heard one of my friend’s daughter posted 395 pictures in pinterest. Nothing bad, just general pictures of her and her life. But she made sure her daughter removes all the pictures one by one from their when she found out. We need to put a rule that our kids needs to take our permission before they can flood the social media. Because they don’t know what consequences it may have.

So please parents, educate yourself on all the latest avenues where kids are exposing themselves and protect them.


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