Competitor or Partner in education excellence

Partnership in early education may be helpful but is also important for children to realize “who works harder and smarter excels”. And you can be better only by pushing yourself to that limit which you can’t see now. Competitive spirit can only take you to that limit.

Different culture and social context have different perspective on education . India, where I was born takes education very seriously. It is the most important perspective in any parent’s agenda. Everything there is a race towards excellence. We in our childhood had to excel in everything we did. Excuse for not excelling was not an option by parents or society or education institute.

There is no concept of “dropping out” of college. Everyone has to study and earn their degree. And call it for social pressure or competitive spirit, students not completing their degree are rare.

Children by the age of three master writing alphabets in English and their native language. For getting admitted in Kindergarten school children needs to pass in entrance test. The competition is on from the very childhood.

By the time the children are grown to be teens they already know the concept of “survival of the fittest”.

I myself know that when I was moved to a better school , the competitive spirit in myself made me push myself more than what I was doing before.

I don’t understand the concept of “everybody is a winner”. To me who works harder and harder should be rewarded. And who is not motivated and hard working should not have the same reward as the other. I think if the competitive spirit is not built up from the young age, in the longer run, the motivation to go further and prosper in life will be hard to instill.


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