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Why only PINK for girls?

Why girls are influenced with only Pink? What happened to the rest of the lovely colors in this world? Do we really need Pink to stay happy? Or are we brain washed to have pink as predominant color? I am not saying Pink is any bad, but just like pink many colors are good to. It should be personal choice of an individual on what color they like. If it happens to be Pink, great.

When I go to any toy store there are always two sections pink sections and rest of the color section. Barbie, Little Pony, Dolls, Car, Skates, Bowls, Spoons, Dress – everything. Why? Why the pink is enforced withing child’s brain?

This is a wonderful world with beautiful things of many colors like flowers, butterflies, rainbow, cloud, rain, sunshine. How many of them are purely pink? We need to give some breathing space to girl’s brains, so that they can make a conscious choice.

I have a daughter who is 14 months old, and I would like her to be grown up as a strong individual who loves humanity and also has opinions of her own. I want her to be logical and independent. i want her to be able to make correct choices and take right decisions. I don’t want her to be flooded with only pink, where she has only one option.

 Can Facebook be blamed?

It’s easy to blame it on social media etc. But truly who is responsible? We as a parent need to take responsibility of our kids to not do what they are doing in the social media. We as a parent need to understand what their actions can lead to. No one will protect our kids better than we will. Because we care about them the most and we should understand them the most. 14 year old kids are so naive they can be excited by very little things that may not seem dangerous.
The other day I heard one of my friend’s daughter posted 395 pictures in pinterest. Nothing bad, just general pictures of her and her life. But she made sure her daughter removes all the pictures one by one from their when she found out. We need to put a rule that our kids needs to take our permission before they can flood the social media. Because they don’t know what consequences it may have.

So please parents, educate yourself on all the latest avenues where kids are exposing themselves and protect them.

No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to. And no one can stop you from doing anything that you want. It’s all within us. The power is hidden. We need take it out and put to action.

This is my quote

sweetest smile after a long day of training

Not a very exciting or interesting day. Spending 9 hours in training of business process modelling. Sitting in the first row in the hope to not affect my already so high powered eyes, I invited the pain on my shoulder. Looking up high to watch the screen makes my right shoulder go almost near frozen. No breaks, just materials of new stuff being shoved into my head.

Then at the end of the day while driving home for 45 minuted I figured the car music system is broken too.

What now?

Then I reach home and my daughter looks at me with the sweetest smile and rushes towards me and everything feels perfect. Then my son jumps over me and both starts fighting to get on my lap. What can be better that this. I am fully motivated and charged up again and set my mind to my goal again.