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Can you be who you want to be?

When you could never be the one you wanted to be……

When you could never make it wrong
when you want to make things right

When you could never show your tears
when you want to see it bright

When you could never be so lost
when you want to show the light

When you could never express thoughts
when you want to shout out

When you could never sink so deep
when you want to stay afloat

When you could never ask for help
When you want to be so strong

You could never be the one you wanted to be!


Not blocked by Steve Jobs

There are apps for everything these days. The little moments you have free are engulfed by these apps. I am sure many of you have been Cockblocked by Steve Jobs many times. Let’s explore today some of the apps that can change your life and find ways to not be blocked by Steve Jobs.

You have apps to “Know your personality in 2 mins“. If you are really unsure about your personality are you really sure you want to use that app? But certainly if you can magically find out about yourself in minutes it will be a changing factor in your life. In case you didn’t find it there you can use “Truths about you” also. If you use either you will know your potential of approaching girls.

Anita Predictions” are pretty popular for those who always want to know what’s going to happen in there life. Like a sneak peak into the future. Since we still can’t time travel you can use Anita’s help. And specifically if you want to know about your Future Love, use “Amora Love Predictions“. She is the Love Psychic. Can’t go wrong with them.

Oh the other one, this is really spreading with 5,000,000 monthly active users, It is “Answers About me“. Here you can find out what your friends really think of you. You know, how your life completely depends on others opinions. So now you have the power to know ALL through this app and you don’t even have to ask your friends who are so good to you in the real world. They are just meaner and truer in the virtual land. Just in case you are the person who is the giver of feedback to your friends and you expressed your meanness more than you wanted you can use @Hearts to patch up and show how you really care with hearts. All the blockage will be melted.

In your real life if you have hard time getting closer to your opposite sex, you can virtually “Flirt” with 10,000 users actively in a month. And to take it to the next level all the “GirlsDateForFree” and can “BeNaughty” where crowds of naughty mates meet. Every person in this world are different and some are driven by their moods. Now you can publish the sun of your mood swings with “The Mood Weather Report” and people approaching you can decide on the awesome hour to get near you, and Steve Jobs can’t do nothing to stop them.

Do you love secrets or rather unlocking the secrets. You can do that by “Gogobot” by unlocking the best-kept secrets anywhere in this world. The best  power ever.

If you are always looking for something Positive to inspire you and keep you motivated for accosting whoever you want , you can dig into “Life Box” – it’s guaranteed to give you ONLY positive thoughts. On another note “LiveStrong” has taken the mission of making people realize about their true potential too.

If you are truly kind-hearted and believe in community building and always wanted to build your own where you can have trusted people lending their helping hand anytime you are in need you should  visit ChoresMarket. You can pretty much get anything done in here with the power of your network plus if you have the heart to help out others you can do so and also earn money at the same time. Money always impress whoever you are trying to impress.

With so many tools in your hand can you see your life will change and you will be in full control of your past, present and future.

My dream is that one day all the phony people will be real

In the DreamDay people have dreams about children,world,country,education,youth. Seriously? What happened to the dreams like “I have a dream that I will do something to make this happen.” Everybody dreams about great abstract stuff and thinks somehow all the dream will come true. Great world, great country, oneness, excellent education, Safe nation etc.

Isn’t our dream supposed to be something we are working towards, shouldn’t it reflect our own action? Mitt Romney dreams “what made America great will make our kids great.” As a senior leader I would hope he will have a better dream. It’s like some magic will make everything great and we don’t have to do a thing for that.

What happened to the small dreams, like I dream of white picket fence house, fastest car, exotic travel, more money, happy family? How come in the news media all the dreams are “so big” and related to the world only.

I don’t think having smaller dream about yourself is any lesser than the big dreams. Martin Luthar King, had dreams and he had actions to achieve his dream. For achieving anything great there has to be baby steps taken to that rough road where lots of obstacles will be in our way.

People who dreams of a united world, may be need to have a small dream like “I will marry internationally”.
People who dreams about education may be should dream ” I want to teach group of student voluntarily”.
People who dream about “Safe world” may be should dream of “I want to spend 10 hours a week to educate younger generations the moral values.”

I don’t think it’s hard to stick to a small dream, because it is measurable and achievable. Big dreams should be there to keep us motivated but the small dreams should lead us there. Otherwise Dreams will be always Dreams.

My dream is to make the big dreams come true by taking positive actions. Oh and I have another dream. This is more abstract. My dream is that one day all the phony people will be real and true to themselves and actually speak up what’s in their mind, not what sounds right.

Social media power unleashed to a new level

Over the years the way communication works has changed dramatically. The times when there was no other options to comminicate long distance but the “snail mail” people used to treasure the arrival of post man in their doorstep. Many famous stories captured the moments of “waiting for the letter from my beloved”. But guess what? They were not called “snail mail” those days. It was just “mail”.Then email was introduced to our life and transformed “mail” into “snail mail”.

Email is a very helpful communication device that revolutionalized the world and made it smaller. With email we can communicate to geographically separated individual asynchronouly and quickly. Many people have not only one email account but multiple accounts. One hotmail, one yahoo, one gmail, one official email account, even multiple accounts under the same exchange.When we have so many email account these days, how many do we truly check and how many brings us email that we really want to see? Email delivered to me are mostly promotional materials from many websites that I visit. Barely I ever get any personal email from an individual that I know. And if it is from an individual it’s mostly sent to a group to setup or organize a party. So now with everything else that we have to do, cleaning up junk email is amonst the top lister.

The newest generation of communication technology is “Social Media”. People come and express their opinions freely to the whole world. We love talking in the social networks broadly publicising our thoughts. This is avery unique and different way of communication in the history of human kind. Here we are not afraid to say things even when it is public. We can write what ever we feel like and not worry about the reaction from the reader. We do get exccited with many likes or comments. We are all about numeric count not the quality of the conversation. We love to know how many people have read and commented on our posts but not worry too much about the relevance of the content. If we don’t like to write we love sharing other peoples opinions, content, picture etc.

The whole world is connected through the social media.Many companies are taking advantage of the connections people are making with this huge network. They use if for promoting their products, advertising to the consumers. The common feature thse days in any web site is to “Invite your friends” and spread the word. modeled their business on these social connections. You earn more point if you can promote some ones blog or website to their network. All virtual points. But it is something fascinating to know how human mind works for rewards.

LinkedIn helps you find the people you may be connected to and expand your network.

The new website takes the social media power to a diffent level.ChoresMarket is helping to boost the economies of and connections within local communities by providing a form of income to a wide range of people, including those who may be unemployed, in-between jobs, students, the elderly or disabled, or those who are simply looking to make some side cash- all by means of social networking power.

Chores Market lets folks leverage their social networks, including Facebook and Google+, as well as the nation via Chores Market’s user database, to find a ‘helping hand’ who is connected to someone they already know and who has the skillset they need to complete their chores at a reasonable price. Their goal is to help busy, on-the-go homeowners and businesses find skilled workers who they can trust and who they can afford to hire to help them with their chores, which may range from small tasks like vacuuming the house to pesky problems like fixing a leaky faucet or large projects like repairing a roof or building a patio or a deck. At the same time.

I am a big fan of social media. But there are downsides of this too. I will probably write all about that in the next blog.

work or life – choose one

While we are travelling in our life faster than a rocket ship we often come across a point where we have to stop and think about two choices- work or family. Organizations and corporations are struggling to maintain a work life balance for their beloved employees. But just think about the term “work life balance” for a second. What does it say? It says that your work is not your life and your life is not your work. There are two philosophies for this for two segments of people.

One group who loves their work and that is their life. Another group works so that they can earn money through work so that they can spend the money for their life that they love.

Upper management adores the first group of people. For the second group of people they formulate the “work life balance” strategy.

What’s the true strategy behind “work life balance” ? How are these strategy executed in companies? Some examples from different corporations are below.

  • you work overtime most of the days, but we so care about you that we won’t mind when you take a day or two off.
  • you can work from home as long as we can find you in chatting windows from 6 am to 9 pm.
  • you are approved to travel to your hometown but don’t forget to visit the work facility in there. We will pay for the cab fare from your home to work, but you need to pay for the air fare from here to your home town.
  • We will be perfectly fine if you work only 45 hours a week. We know how much life is important for you. However when there is an emergency you need to work on Saturday and Sunday also.

After all these strategies I am sure people are perfectly balanced with their life and work . Higher management are happy too because they have executed on the point 14 of survey result from two years ago and today  the survey says— “Employees are happier now because their life has been balanced.”

Is that ENOUGH for you or your kid?

Today kids have many many many toys which they barely play with. If they played all the toys sequentially once a day it can easily last 4 months before they have to repeat their toys.

There are many opinions about how much is “ENOUGH” for the kids. Parents are always making decisions about which one to buy. There are so many options for the same thing.

Just few months ago I wanted to buy a walker for my 11 month old daughter. In the store there were 6 options for a walker. I wanted a walker whose purpose was to make her walk on her own. But the sales person told me how all the bright colorful shapes and color along with the music and sound makes the most expensive walker so desirable by the kid. I bought some thing in the middle, not high not low. But guess what she never ever walked on that walker. She just loved walking holding my hands. On her first birthday she had one more walker as a gift. She never walked with that either.

The bottom line is , no matter how cheap or expensive a product is, how variety of feature it may have, it truly can’t allure any kid to use it if they don’t want it. Just because we are buying too many toys doesn’t mean they like it all.

With my two kids I have realized the kids have no interest in playing with most of the toys.  When the toy lands home probably they play with it once or twice and then they are done. But they still want to keep the toy. Why? Because they can show their friends how many varieties of toys they have.

My five year old is now all about power ranger mega force etc. Now his mission is to collect all possible power ranger character and accessories that ever exists anywhere in this earth. As a parent I haven’t restricted him to collect any of these characters as of yet.

For me if I can see a smile on his face even one time, i am willing to buy that toy.

Is that the right way of parenting according to some standard set somewhere by someone. I don’t know. What I know is it comes from my heart and it gives happiness to my kids. For me that’s ENOUGH of a reason.

Tiny precious moments

As a working mother I am always faced with situations when my daily schedule turns upside down. The incidents include school closure, natural calamity, sick child. And those may be just the days when you need to prepare for your “so very important presentation” for work.

When I am constantly prioritizing between work and family, i am constantly on the urge to find trusted helping hand to help me out in these hours. Now I am glad that I have

Chores Market is an online marketplace where you get the chores done by qualified people, that you or your friends already know at a fraction of the price with warranty. At Chores Market, you should never have to hire anyone that you or your friends do not know.

Why am I so happy and confident with Chores Market?

1. I can hire someone that I am connected to
2. I can ask for referral for the person I am planning to hire
3. i can pay them by credit card
4. ChoresMarket pays helping hands to their bank account, so i know they are not illegal workers.
5. I don’t have to pay extra agency fee, because I can pay the person who does the work directly

Can anything be better than this? I get my precious moments back which I can spend with my kids and family.

Is School Bus Risky, unsafe?

My son starts his Kindergarten from next week. I am very excited and apprehensive at the same time. All the bullying and cyber bullying news makes me really worried. Specially the ones happening inside the school bus.

When a 13 year old kid can be attacked by a group of teen drug dealing thugs and nobody can do anything to protect the kid, I wonder the safety of school bus transportation.

The school bus driver are NOT required to intervene , they are required to only call for help from the dispatcher . Between the time when your kid steps inside the bus and time they arrive in the school, nobody is there to protect them in case they are bullied. It’s scary.

There should be techniques for the bus driver to handle these situations I agree. But I can’t stay on peace by thinking somebody else might have the tools to protect my son when he needs it.

I would rather make my son stronger and teach him self defense, because this I think is very necessary and the only way you can make sure your kid is safe.

Competitor or Partner in education excellence

Partnership in early education may be helpful but is also important for children to realize “who works harder and smarter excels”. And you can be better only by pushing yourself to that limit which you can’t see now. Competitive spirit can only take you to that limit.

Different culture and social context have different perspective on education . India, where I was born takes education very seriously. It is the most important perspective in any parent’s agenda. Everything there is a race towards excellence. We in our childhood had to excel in everything we did. Excuse for not excelling was not an option by parents or society or education institute.

There is no concept of “dropping out” of college. Everyone has to study and earn their degree. And call it for social pressure or competitive spirit, students not completing their degree are rare.

Children by the age of three master writing alphabets in English and their native language. For getting admitted in Kindergarten school children needs to pass in entrance test. The competition is on from the very childhood.

By the time the children are grown to be teens they already know the concept of “survival of the fittest”.

I myself know that when I was moved to a better school , the competitive spirit in myself made me push myself more than what I was doing before.

I don’t understand the concept of “everybody is a winner”. To me who works harder and harder should be rewarded. And who is not motivated and hard working should not have the same reward as the other. I think if the competitive spirit is not built up from the young age, in the longer run, the motivation to go further and prosper in life will be hard to instill.

Hidden strength inside the soul

Today I was standing on my deck counting stars in the dark night. A mild sound of the wind chime was piercing the silence of the night along with many crickets. The moon was lost somewhere today. Didn’t Find it. It reminded me of one night in Grand Teton National park in Jackson Hole. It was the darkest night I have ever seen with bright stars shining. the whole sky was filled with many may many stars. I haven’t seen so many stars in my whole life in one sky. It was a moment when you want to dive inside your inner soul and find new strength , new motivation.

It was a similar night.  It was a night for day dreaming for the future. An imagination to start a brand new vibrant cycle. Often times people seek help of God, doctors, friends, books, movies to elevate themselves. But truly the power lies within you. You are the one who knows about you the most. You are the one who knows about your strength, weakness, liking, hatred, passion, confusion.

I strongly feel that when you need to empower yourself you need to look within your soul. It’s right there for you. your inner strength has no bounds. It will guide you to the right path when you need to be lead by someone.

Ask your heart, your brain, your soul. You will know what is right for you. No one in this world can be a better friend to you than yourself.