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Why only PINK for girls?

Why girls are influenced with only Pink? What happened to the rest of the lovely colors in this world? Do we really need Pink to stay happy? Or are we brain washed to have pink as predominant color? I am not saying Pink is any bad, but just like pink many colors are good to. It should be personal choice of an individual on what color they like. If it happens to be Pink, great.

When I go to any toy store there are always two sections pink sections and rest of the color section. Barbie, Little Pony, Dolls, Car, Skates, Bowls, Spoons, Dress – everything. Why? Why the pink is enforced withing child’s brain?

This is a wonderful world with beautiful things of many colors like flowers, butterflies, rainbow, cloud, rain, sunshine. How many of them are purely pink? We need to give some breathing space to girl’s brains, so that they can make a conscious choice.

I have a daughter who is 14 months old, and I would like her to be grown up as a strong individual who loves humanity and also has opinions of her own. I want her to be logical and independent. i want her to be able to make correct choices and take right decisions. I don’t want her to be flooded with only pink, where she has only one option.