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work or life – choose one

While we are travelling in our life faster than a rocket ship we often come across a point where we have to stop and think about two choices- work or family. Organizations and corporations are struggling to maintain a work life balance for their beloved employees. But just think about the term “work life balance” for a second. What does it say? It says that your work is not your life and your life is not your work. There are two philosophies for this for two segments of people.

One group who loves their work and that is their life. Another group works so that they can earn money through work so that they can spend the money for their life that they love.

Upper management adores the first group of people. For the second group of people they formulate the “work life balance” strategy.

What’s the true strategy behind “work life balance” ? How are these strategy executed in companies?┬áSome examples from different corporations are below.

  • you work overtime most of the days, but we so care about you that we won’t mind when you take a day or two off.
  • you can work from home as long as we can find you in chatting windows from 6 am to 9 pm.
  • you are approved to travel to your hometown but don’t forget to visit the work facility in there. We will pay for the cab fare from your home to work, but you need to pay for the air fare from here to your home town.
  • We will be perfectly fine if you work only 45 hours a week. We know how much life is important for you. However when there is an emergency you need to work on Saturday and Sunday also.

After all these strategies I am sure people are perfectly balanced with their life and work . Higher management are happy too because they have executed on the point 14 of survey result from two years ago and today ┬áthe survey says— “Employees are happier now because their life has been balanced.”