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Hidden strength inside the soul

Today I was standing on my deck counting stars in the dark night. A mild sound of the wind chime was piercing the silence of the night along with many crickets. The moon was lost somewhere today. Didn’t Find it. It reminded me of one night in Grand Teton National park in Jackson Hole. It was the darkest night I have ever seen with bright stars shining. the whole sky was filled with many may many stars. I haven’t seen so many stars in my whole life in one sky. It was a moment when you want to dive inside your inner soul and find new strength , new motivation.

It was a similar night.  It was a night for day dreaming for the future. An imagination to start a brand new vibrant cycle. Often times people seek help of God, doctors, friends, books, movies to elevate themselves. But truly the power lies within you. You are the one who knows about you the most. You are the one who knows about your strength, weakness, liking, hatred, passion, confusion.

I strongly feel that when you need to empower yourself you need to look within your soul. It’s right there for you. your inner strength has no bounds. It will guide you to the right path when you need to be lead by someone.

Ask your heart, your brain, your soul. You will know what is right for you. No one in this world can be a better friend to you than yourself.

sweetest smile after a long day of training

Not a very exciting or interesting day. Spending 9 hours in training of business process modelling. Sitting in the first row in the hope to not affect my already so high powered eyes, I invited the pain on my shoulder. Looking up high to watch the screen makes my right shoulder go almost near frozen. No breaks, just materials of new stuff being shoved into my head.

Then at the end of the day while driving home for 45 minuted I figured the car music system is broken too.

What now?

Then I reach home and my daughter looks at me with the sweetest smile and rushes towards me and everything feels perfect. Then my son jumps over me and both starts fighting to get on my lap. What can be better that this. I am fully motivated and charged up again and set my mind to my goal again.

The full moon very near

Working since morning 6am till night 2 am. When I step out in the dark for fresh air and look behind the trees on the back of my house I look at the beautiful golden moon shining  at me. It instantly gives me more hope and more motivation to reach my goal.

May be the day I am hoping for is not too far like the moon, it’s coming near and nearer. It’s knocking on my door.