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Is that ENOUGH for you or your kid?

Today kids have many many many toys which they barely play with. If they played all the toys sequentially once a day it can easily last 4 months before they have to repeat their toys.

There are many opinions about how much is “ENOUGH” for the kids. Parents are always making decisions about which one to buy. There are so many options for the same thing.

Just few months ago I wanted to buy a walker for my 11 month old daughter. In the store there were 6 options for a walker. I wanted a walker whose purpose was to make her walk on her own. But the sales person told me how all the bright colorful shapes and color along with the music and sound makes the most expensive walker so desirable by the kid. I bought some thing in the middle, not high not low. But guess what she never ever walked on that walker. She just loved walking holding my hands. On her first birthday she had one more walker as a gift. She never walked with that either.

The bottom line is , no matter how cheap or expensive a product is, how variety of feature it may have, it truly can’t allure any kid to use it if they don’t want it. Just because we are buying too many toys doesn’t mean they like it all.

With my two kids I have realized the kids have no interest in playing with most of the toys.  When the toy lands home probably they play with it once or twice and then they are done. But they still want to keep the toy. Why? Because they can show their friends how many varieties of toys they have.

My five year old is now all about power ranger mega force etc. Now his mission is to collect all possible power ranger character and accessories that ever exists anywhere in this earth. As a parent I haven’t restricted him to collect any of these characters as of yet.

For me if I can see a smile on his face even one time, i am willing to buy that toy.

Is that the right way of parenting according to some standard set somewhere by someone. I don’t know. What I know is it comes from my heart and it gives happiness to my kids. For me that’s ENOUGH of a reason.

Is School Bus Risky, unsafe?

My son starts his Kindergarten from next week. I am very excited and apprehensive at the same time. All the bullying and cyber bullying news makes me really worried. Specially the ones happening inside the school bus.

When a 13 year old kid can be attacked by a group of teen drug dealing thugs and nobody can do anything to protect the kid, I wonder the safety of school bus transportation.

The school bus driver are NOT required to intervene , they are required to only call for help from the dispatcher . Between the time when your kid steps inside the bus and time they arrive in the school, nobody is there to protect them in case they are bullied. It’s scary.

There should be techniques for the bus driver to handle these situations I agree. But I can’t stay on peace by thinking somebody else might have the tools to protect my son when he needs it.

I would rather make my son stronger and teach him self defense, because this I think is very necessary and the only way you can make sure your kid is safe.

Why only PINK for girls?

Why girls are influenced with only Pink? What happened to the rest of the lovely colors in this world? Do we really need Pink to stay happy? Or are we brain washed to have pink as predominant color? I am not saying Pink is any bad, but just like pink many colors are good to. It should be personal choice of an individual on what color they like. If it happens to be Pink, great.

When I go to any toy store there are always two sections pink sections and rest of the color section. Barbie, Little Pony, Dolls, Car, Skates, Bowls, Spoons, Dress – everything. Why? Why the pink is enforced withing child’s brain?

This is a wonderful world with beautiful things of many colors like flowers, butterflies, rainbow, cloud, rain, sunshine. How many of them are purely pink? We need to give some breathing space to girl’s brains, so that they can make a conscious choice.

I have a daughter who is 14 months old, and I would like her to be grown up as a strong individual who loves humanity and also has opinions of her own. I want her to be logical and independent. i want her to be able to make correct choices and take right decisions. I don’t want her to be flooded with only pink, where she has only one option.

 Can Facebook be blamed?

It’s easy to blame it on social media etc. But truly who is responsible? We as a parent need to take responsibility of our kids to not do what they are doing in the social media. We as a parent need to understand what their actions can lead to. No one will protect our kids better than we will. Because we care about them the most and we should understand them the most. 14 year old kids are so naive they can be excited by very little things that may not seem dangerous.
The other day I heard one of my friend’s daughter posted 395 pictures in pinterest. Nothing bad, just general pictures of her and her life. But she made sure her daughter removes all the pictures one by one from their when she found out. We need to put a rule that our kids needs to take our permission before they can flood the social media. Because they don’t know what consequences it may have.

So please parents, educate yourself on all the latest avenues where kids are exposing themselves and protect them.