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Is School Bus Risky, unsafe?

My son starts his Kindergarten from next week. I am very excited and apprehensive at the same time. All the bullying and cyber bullying news makes me really worried. Specially the ones happening inside the school bus.

When a 13 year old kid can be attacked by a group of teen drug dealing thugs and nobody can do anything to protect the kid, I wonder the safety of school bus transportation.

The school bus driver are NOT required to intervene , they are required to only call for help from the dispatcher . Between the time when your kid steps inside the bus and time they arrive in the school, nobody is there to protect them in case they are bullied. It’s scary.

There should be techniques for the bus driver to handle these situations I agree. But I can’t stay on peace by thinking somebody else might have the tools to protect my son when he needs it.

I would rather make my son stronger and teach him self defense, because this I think is very necessary and the only way you can make sure your kid is safe.


white blood cell count is higher

My five year old boy today has got fever. When I asked him “how are you feeling” he answered “well the virus is in my body so my white blood cell count is higher, because it’s fighting against the virus to protect me”.

It may sound funny to start with, but the bigger question is how does he know about this? From some conversation, TV, school ? I am extremely surprised to see he has acquired this knowledge without me realizing it from where.

This subject is just fine, but I wonder what all other things he might learn from “who knows where”? How do I make sure I understand all his social knowledge accumulation process?

I don’t want to be a mommy who restricts him in doing every little thing. But I want to know the best way to handle and filter the source of information if needed.

Any mommy out there have any suggestions for me?

Coffee ,Gun or both – choice is yours

ImageStarbucks has always been my favorite coffee shop. My 5 year old son also likes their cool fruit flavored drinks. Now the time has come when I have to think of taking my son to Star bucks because now somehow they believe for the safety of their employee they “can’t ban” gun in the store. However in their corporate headquarter Seattle gun is banned.

Do you see any logic in this? I don’t. Why do you need gun when you want to drink coffee and brainstorm some most complicated problems to come out with a creative idea.

The atmosphere of Starbucks I don’t see in any way needs to be a drive through only destination, where people will be afraid to enter the shop. When the public place shooting has become wide spread and taking lives of many teens then why do we need to allow gun?