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Not blocked by Steve Jobs

There are apps for everything these days. The little moments you have free are engulfed by these apps. I am sure many of you have been Cockblocked by Steve Jobs many times. Let’s explore today some of the apps that can change your life and find ways to not be blocked by Steve Jobs.

You have apps to “Know your personality in 2 mins“. If you are really unsure about your personality are you really sure you want to use that app? But certainly if you can magically find out about yourself in minutes it will be a changing factor in your life. In case you didn’t find it there you can use “Truths about you” also. If you use either you will know your potential of approaching girls.

Anita Predictions” are pretty popular for those who always want to know what’s going to happen in there life. Like a sneak peak into the future. Since we still can’t time travel you can use Anita’s help. And specifically if you want to know about your Future Love, use “Amora Love Predictions“. She is the Love Psychic. Can’t go wrong with them.

Oh the other one, this is really spreading with 5,000,000 monthly active users, It is “Answers About me“. Here you can find out what your friends really think of you. You know, how your life completely depends on others opinions. So now you have the power to know ALL through this app and you don’t even have to ask your friends who are so good to you in the real world. They are just meaner and truer in the virtual land. Just in case you are the person who is the giver of feedback to your friends and you expressed your meanness more than you wanted you can use @Hearts to patch up and show how you really care with hearts. All the blockage will be melted.

In your real life if you have hard time getting closer to your opposite sex, you can virtually “Flirt” with 10,000 users actively in a month. And to take it to the next level all the “GirlsDateForFree” and can “BeNaughty” where crowds of naughty mates meet. Every person in this world are different and some are driven by their moods. Now you can publish the sun of your mood swings with “The Mood Weather Report” and people approaching you can decide on the awesome hour to get near you, and Steve Jobs can’t do nothing to stop them.

Do you love secrets or rather unlocking the secrets. You can do that by “Gogobot” by unlocking the best-kept secrets anywhere in this world. The best  power ever.

If you are always looking for something Positive to inspire you and keep you motivated for accosting whoever you want , you can dig into “Life Box” – it’s guaranteed to give you ONLY positive thoughts. On another note “LiveStrong” has taken the mission of making people realize about their true potential too.

If you are truly kind-hearted and believe in community building and always wanted to build your own where you can have trusted people lending their helping hand anytime you are in need you should  visit ChoresMarket. You can pretty much get anything done in here with the power of your network plus if you have the heart to help out others you can do so and also earn money at the same time. Money always impress whoever you are trying to impress.

With so many tools in your hand can you see your life will change and you will be in full control of your past, present and future.


Social media power unleashed to a new level

Over the years the way communication works has changed dramatically. The times when there was no other options to comminicate long distance but the “snail mail” people used to treasure the arrival of post man in their doorstep. Many famous stories captured the moments of “waiting for the letter from my beloved”. But guess what? They were not called “snail mail” those days. It was just “mail”.Then email was introduced to our life and transformed “mail” into “snail mail”.

Email is a very helpful communication device that revolutionalized the world and made it smaller. With email we can communicate to geographically separated individual asynchronouly and quickly. Many people have not only one email account but multiple accounts. One hotmail, one yahoo, one gmail, one official email account, even multiple accounts under the same exchange.When we have so many email account these days, how many do we truly check and how many brings us email that we really want to see? Email delivered to me are mostly promotional materials from many websites that I visit. Barely I ever get any personal email from an individual that I know. And if it is from an individual it’s mostly sent to a group to setup or organize a party. So now with everything else that we have to do, cleaning up junk email is amonst the top lister.

The newest generation of communication technology is “Social Media”. People come and express their opinions freely to the whole world. We love talking in the social networks broadly publicising our thoughts. This is avery unique and different way of communication in the history of human kind. Here we are not afraid to say things even when it is public. We can write what ever we feel like and not worry about the reaction from the reader. We do get exccited with many likes or comments. We are all about numeric count not the quality of the conversation. We love to know how many people have read and commented on our posts but not worry too much about the relevance of the content. If we don’t like to write we love sharing other peoples opinions, content, picture etc.

The whole world is connected through the social media.Many companies are taking advantage of the connections people are making with this huge network. They use if for promoting their products, advertising to the consumers. The common feature thse days in any web site is to “Invite your friends” and spread the word.

Headliner.fm modeled their business on these social connections. You earn more point if you can promote some ones blog or website to their network. All virtual points. But it is something fascinating to know how human mind works for rewards.

LinkedIn helps you find the people you may be connected to and expand your network.

The new website ChoresMarket.com takes the social media power to a diffent level.ChoresMarket is helping to boost the economies of and connections within local communities by providing a form of income to a wide range of people, including those who may be unemployed, in-between jobs, students, the elderly or disabled, or those who are simply looking to make some side cash- all by means of social networking power.

Chores Market lets folks leverage their social networks, including Facebook and Google+, as well as the nation via Chores Market’s user database, to find a ‘helping hand’ who is connected to someone they already know and who has the skillset they need to complete their chores at a reasonable price. Their goal is to help busy, on-the-go homeowners and businesses find skilled workers who they can trust and who they can afford to hire to help them with their chores, which may range from small tasks like vacuuming the house to pesky problems like fixing a leaky faucet or large projects like repairing a roof or building a patio or a deck. At the same time.

I am a big fan of social media. But there are downsides of this too. I will probably write all about that in the next blog.